Swimming Pools

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The Code of Ordinances for the City of Deer Park concerning swimming pools is as follows:

Sec. 50-71. - Construction and maintenance.

All swimming pools, bathhouses, and contingent facilities shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with the Minimum Standards for Public Bathing Places of the state department of health. All dressing rooms, hallways, toilet rooms, shower rooms, runways or rooms of whatsoever kind to which patrons have access shall be well lighted and ventilated. No combs, brushes, drinking cups or towels for common use shall be on display or shall be supplied to patrons.

(Code 1991, § 11-1(a))

Sec. 50-72. - Personal regulations.

Persons having any skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, or any communicable disease shall be required to be excluded from the pool. Before entering the pool, all bathers shall be required to take a cleansing shower or bath prior to donning the bathing suit, using warm water and soap and followed by thorough rinsing of all soap suds. Suitable placards showing such personal regulations shall be conspicuously posted, and attendants shall be required to be thoroughly familiar with them and to enforce them.

(Code 1991, § 11-1(b))

Sec. 50-73. - Disinfection.

Sufficient disinfectant shall be added to keep at all times, and in all parts of the pool, an excess of free chlorine of not less than two-tenths, nor more than five-tenths parts per million as shown by the standard orthotolidine test, or other means of disinfection as acceptable to the board of health.

(Code 1991, § 11-1(c))

Sec. 50-74. - Bacterial content.

Not more than 15 percent of the samples covering any considerable period of time, when incubated for 24 hours at 37 degrees Celsius on standard nutrient agar, shall contain more than 200 bacteria per ml nor shall show positive (confined) test in any of five ten-ml portions of water at times when the pool is in use.

(Code 1991, § 11-1(d))

Sec. 50-75. - Enclosure.

Every outdoor swimming pool, family pool, or pool 12 inches or more deep located within 500 feet of any two or more residences shall be completely surrounded by a fence or wall not less than six feet in height, which shall be so constructed as not having openings, holes or gaps any larger than two inches in any dimension except for doors and gates. If a picket fence is erected or maintained, the horizontal dimension shall not exceed two inches. A dwelling house or accessory building may be used as part of such enclosure, and replace with the following:

  1. All gates or doors opening through such enclosure shall be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching device for keeping the gate or door securely closed at all times when not in actual use, except that the door of any dwelling which forms a part of the enclosure need not be so equipped.
  2. This requirement shall be applicable to all new swimming pools or family pools, other than indoor pools, and shall apply to all existing pools which have a minimum depth of 18 inches of water. No person in possession of land within the city, either as owner, purchaser, lessee, tenant or a licensee, upon which is situated a swimming pool or family pool having a depth of 12 inches or more shall fail to provide and maintain such fence or wall as provided in this section.
  3. The board of health may make modifications in individual cases, upon a showing of good cause with respect to the height, nature or location of the fence, wall, gates or latches, or the necessity therefore, provided that protection as sought hereunder is not reduced thereby. The board of health may permit other protective devices or structures to be used so long as the degree of protection afforded by the substitute devices or structures is not less than the protection afforded by the wall, fence, gate and latch described in this section.

(Code 1991, § 11-1(e); Ord. No. 2810, § I, 3-5-2002)

Sec. 50-76. - Periodic inspection.

The health officer shall inspect or cause to be inspected all swimming pools and family pools within the city at such reasonable times, subject to V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 161.001, as he may deem necessary to carry out the intent of this section, and at such times, subject to such article, to enter upon any premises, private or public, to take such samples of water from such pools at such times as he may deem necessary and to require the owner, proprietor or operator to comply with rules and regulations pertaining to swimming pools promulgated by the board of health in accordance with this section. In the event of the failure of compliance after due notice with the rules and regulations and requirements of the board of health or the requirements of this section, the health officer shall have the power to cause a suspension of the use of such swimming pool or family pool until such time as the pool is, in the opinion of the health officer, no longer a menace or a hazard to health or safety.

(Code 1991, § 11-1(f))

Sec. 50-77. - Quality of water.

The water at swimming pools and family pools shall show an alkaline reaction at all times when the swimming pool is in use. Whenever alum or sulphate of alumina is used, frequent tests shall be made to ensure that the water has an alkaline reaction. At all times when the pool is in use, the water shall be sufficiently clear to permit the entire bottom of the pool to be clearly visible from the walkways.

(Code 1991, § 11-1(g))