May 6, 2023 Election Information

This is the historical documents from the May 6, 2023 General Election for City of Deer Park.  This information will retain on the website for the required time period. 

Estos son los documentos históricos de las elecciones generales del 6 de mayo de 2023 para la ciudad de Deer Park. Esta información se conservará en el sitio web durante el período de tiempo requerido.

General Election: May 6, 2023 / Elección general: 6 de mayo de 2023

Please note that 2023 & 2024 City Election Day voting took place at City Hall, 710 E San Augustine in the Council Chambers.  Early voting took place in the City Secretary's office at the same address.

Election Information:
Early Voting was conducted in the City Secretary's Office at City Hall, 710 E. San Augustine Street as follows:
April 24-25, 2023 7 AM - 7 PM
April 26-28, 2023 8 AM - 5 PM
May 1-2, 2023 8 AM - 5 PM
Election Day Voting was conducted at the Deer Park City Council Chambers, 710 E. San Augustine St, on May 6, 2023 from 7 AM - 7 PM.  **Please note - new location**

Elecciones generales de la ciudad 6 de mayo de 2023

Tenga en cuenta que la votación del día de las elecciones de la ciudad de 2023 y 2024 se llevará a cabo en el Ayuntamiento, 710 E San Augustine en las Cámaras del Consejo.  La votación anticipada se llevará a cabo en la oficina del Secretario de la Ciudad en la misma dirección.

General Election Documents

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Voting by Mail

The State of Texas provides that certain voters may apply to vote by mail. The Secretary of State’s form to apply for a ballot by mail (updated following 2021 legislation) by clicking the links below:

Application for Ballot by Mail (English)

Solicitud de Boleta Postal (Espanol)

or is available upon request by mail - City Secretary, P.O. Box 770, Deer Park, TX 77536; by fax to 281- 478-7217; or Email City Secretary

Voters are not required to use the State application and are strongly encouraged to review information from the Secretary of State's Office

Any application received that is not on the State’s form is considered an "informal application" and may be accepted if it contains all the following information:

Section 84.001 prescribes the minimum requirements for an ABBM.  At a minimum, an early voting ballot application must be in writing and must include:

  1. State the applicant’s name;
  2. State the applicant’s address;
  3. State the number of the applicant’s driver’s license or personal identification card issued by DPS, or if applicant has not been issued one of those numbers, the last four digits of the applicant’s social security number, or a statement that the application has not been issued either of those numbers (NEW LAW – SB 1; 2021, 2nd C.S.);
  4. State the address at which the applicant is registered;
  5. State the address to which ballot is to be mailed, if different and if authorized by law (see below);
  6. State a valid ground for voting by mail;
  7. Indicate the election for which the applicant is applying to vote by mail; and
  8. Be signed by applicant or witness, if applicable.

An ABBM that does not contain these statutory elements must be rejected by the early voting clerk.

Applications for a ballot by mail received by mail, common or contract carrier, fax, or by electronic submission of a scanned application with an original signature may be received, provided that the original must be received by mail to the Early Voting Clerk's office at City of Deer Park, P.O. Box 700, Deer Park TX 77536, within four days of the receipt of the electronic submission, per the Texas Election Code.