The Deer Park Police Department's Records Division is staffed by three full-time employees. The division ensures compliance with the Texas Public Information Act while striving to meet both the interests of the public and the justice system.

The division handles close to 300 informational requests per month, including requests from the public, District Attorney's Office and other governmental bodies. In addition, the division is responsible for the collection, storage, security, retrieval, and destruction of the department's records.

Online Access to Deer Park Crime Information provides online crime statistics compiled in list, map, and graph form (analytics tab). To obtain information for Deer Park, enter '77536' in the search bar. Users can perform searches by date, crime type, or distance; plot local sex offenders on a map; and view information in graph format.

P2C allows citizens to search and request incidents, accidents, and arrests online. To request an incident or arrest report, select the 'Search for Events' link and enter search criteria; once the record is located, select 'View' to view the report. To request an accident report, select the 'Get a Crash Report' link; a name and date of the accident is required to access the report. Once the report is located, users may print an accident report at no charge.


The Deer Park Police Department strives for record integrity. Information generated to the public sites does so in compliance with the Texas Public Information Act. Requesting persons should note that information obtained through the sites is basic in nature and/or requires additional information to access the reports, in accordance with state law. Some information only becomes available online after going through an approval process which may occur during regular business hours, possibly limiting the availability of information on weekends and/or holidays. Some reports may not be published online at all if they are potentially confidential in nature. Sites, information or options may be unavailable during software upgrades or during server maintenance.

Citizens seeking additional information not available online should contact the Records Division of the Police Department responsible for the creation of the document. Applicable charges may apply.

The Texas Public Information Act does exclude some information from public disclosure. If the information requested involves an incident still active in the court system, juvenile information, allegations of sexual assault or child abuse, or other confidential matter, it may not be released.

For details regarding costs and/or how information is deemed public or confidential, please visit the Attorney General's website. This website provides publications detailing how the Act is administered by the State of Texas via local governing bodies.