Animal Control


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Leave your Paw Print on the new Deer Park Animal Shelter and Adoption Center!

By making a donation, citizens, business or other organizations will not only gain naming rights for a shelter asset, or get to memorialize a cherished family pet, but will also be providing funding to support continued efforts to connect local families with new furry friends. Another option available to our donors includes a t-shirt, bandana or koozie as a gift for your donation!

For more information, please call the shelter at 281-478-7274, or check out the Deer Park Animal Shelter and Adoption Center's brochure!

About Animal Control

The primary function and intent of the City of Deer Park Animal Control is to provide protection for the health, safety and welfare of the public within the city limits, by controlling the animal population and by establishing uniform rules for the control and eradication of rabies.

In addition, Deer Park Animal Control strives to:

  1. Educate the public about responsible pet care and ownership.
  2. Promote spaying and neutering of pets to aid in reducing the stray population.
  3. Work, in conjunction with law enforcement, to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty cases.
  4. Find responsible forever homes for adoptable stray animals.

Deer Park citizens are known for their generosity and love for our animal population, often asking what they can donate to help our shelter. Dog and cat food, blankets, sheets and towels, toys, pet bottles and pet formula, dog and cat beds, and monetary donations are welcomed.

We are very excited about our new animal control facility. The new facility will allow us to house more animals and offer a more secure and modern environment, better suited to not only take care of our animals, but to fulfill the increasing expectations of our citizens in regard to the humane and compassionate treatment of animals. We appreciate your support!

Lost & Found Pets

If you have lost or found an animal, contact the Humane Division at 281-478-7274 and give the location and description of the animal.

Animal Abuse

It is unlawful for any individual to treat animals in an inhumane manner. Instances of animal abuse should be reported to the Police Department at 281-479-1511.

Sick or Injured Pets

If your pet is sick or injured, you should call a veterinarian. Local veterinarians are listed in the yellow pages.


The Animal Adoption and Care Shelter is responsible for all phases of animal control. This includes the operation and maintenance of the animal shelter and the enforcement of related ordinances. However, our main focus is on animal adoptions.

Pet Owners Responsibilities

All residents are asked to note the following ordinance regarding dogs and cats running at large:

Section 14-2. Duties of owners and persons in control and protection of animals. It shall be unlawful for any owner or person to: Fail to prevent any animal from running at large within the corporate limits of the city.

Section 14-1. Definitions-Running at large means: Off-premises: Any dog which is not restrained by means of leash or chain of sufficient strength and not more than fifteen (15) feet in length to control the action of such animal while off premises; or any cat which is off the owner's property.

Read all of Chapter 14 of the City's Code of Ordinances HERE to learn more.


If your pet has been impounded, the Humane Division will contact you as soon as possible if your dog is tagged or micro-chipped. Payment of impoundment fees and proof of a current rabies vaccination is required before release.

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