Appointing an Agent

Appointing a Tax Agent

You may represent yourself in any property tax matter. Or, you may appoint a representative, commonly called an agent, to handle specific duties. You don't need an agent to file for exemptions, such as those available to homeowners, disabled veterans, and charitable or religious organizations - just get an application form from the appraisal district.

Appointment of Agent

To appoint an agent, you must give that person written authorization to represent you. You must use a special "Appointment of Agent" form available from the Harris County Appraisal District or State Comptroller's Office. No form is necessary if the person is your attorney, employee, or a person who is simply acting as a courier. With limited exceptions, agents who represent property owners for a fee must be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation in Austin.

Areas of Representation

The agent may represent you in one or more areas that you designate on the form. These areas may include:

  • Filing notices of protest
  • Presenting your case before the ARB
  • Negotiating on value disputes
  • Receiving notices or tax bills
  • Handling any other specific action
  • Representing you for general property tax purposes

Authorization End Date

The special form asks for a date when your authorization to this person ends. If you don't give an ending date, the agent continues to represent you indefinitely until you file a statement with the appraisal district ending the appointment or you appoint a new agent.


By law, the appraisal district cannot recommend or refer you to a tax agent.