Security Assessments

What is a Security Assessment

A security assessment is an on-site examination of a specific location and its surrounding area and is conducted to determine the security status as follows:

  • To help identify deficiencies and/ or risks
  • To define and suggest possible additional protection needs
  • To make realistic suggestions in order to maintain minimal exposure to criminal opportunity to exist

Please note that such terms as “theft proof” and “burglar proof” are unrealistic and tend to create a false sense of security. There is no such thing as being theft or burglar proof nor is there any guarantee implied or otherwise that should the suggestions offered be implemented or followed that your property will not sustain any loss from burglary or theft or other criminal activity.

The primary intent of the survey is to deter unlawful intrusion and to minimize exposure to subsequent crimes by “hardening” property against attack. A secondary intent is to impede progress and discourage a potential intruder by creating an arena of difficulty, exposing the intruder to detection and hopefully detention/ arrest prior to obtaining access to the target property.

Email Officer K.L. Zheng if you are interested in obtaining a security assessment for your home or business.Security Survey Flyer