Elevation Certificates

Several years ago the city started requiring elevation certificates for all new construction in the city.  Below is a list of elevation certificates we currently have on file for your viewing. If you are interested in seeing one of these please Email Kathy Holcomb. This list will updated quarterly.

2751Aaron Street
2909Aaron Street
2405Alexandria Lane
2409Alexandria Lane
2410Alexandria Lane
2413Alexandria Lane
2414Alexandria Lane
2417Alexandria Lane
2418Alexandria Lane
4214Alta Lane
4218Alta Lane
4222Alta Lane
4302Alta Lane
4306Alta Lane
4310Alta Lane
4313Alta Lane
4314Alta Lane
4317Alta Lane
4318Alta Lane
4321Alta Lane
4322Alta Lane
4406Alta Lane
4410Alta Lane
4213Ashley Lane
4221Ashley Lane
4301Ashley Lane
4305Ashley Lane
4309Ashley Lane
4313Ashley Lane
4317Ashley Lane
4321Ashley Lane
4401Ashley Lane
4402Ashley Lane
4405Ashley Lane
4406Ashley Lane
4410Ashley Lane
4414Ashley Lane
4418Ashley Lane
3000Awesome Lane
3400Awesome Lane
3401Awesome Lane
2107Battleground Road
1709Brook Amber Circle
1305Center Street
3002Center Street
3202Center Street
3313Center Street
3421Center Street
4509Center Street
4610Center Street
4625Center Street
2405Dane Lane
2406Dane Lane
2409Dane Lane
2410Dane Lane
2413Dane Lane
2414Dane Lane
2417Dane Lane
2418Dane Lane
4105Dave Alvin Drive
4106Dave Alvin Drive
4109Dave Alvin Drive
4110Dave Alvin Drive
4113Dave Alvin Drive
4117Dave Alvin Drive
4118Dave Alvin Drive
4121Dave Alvin Drive
4122Dave Alvin Drive
4201Dave Alvin Drive
4202Dave Alvin Drive
4205Dave Alvin Drive
4206Dave Alvin Drive
4209Dave Alvin Drive
4210Dave Alvin Drive
4217Dave Alvin Drive
4221Dave Alvin Drive
4222Dave Alvin Drive
4302Dave Alvin Drive
4306Dave Alvin Drive
4310Dave Alvin Drive
4314Dave Alvin Drive
4317Dave Alvin Drive
4321Dave Alvin Drive
4402Dave Alvin Drive
4403Dave Alvin Drive
4406Dave Alvin Drive
4407Dave Alvin Drive
4410Dave Alvin Drive
4411Dave Alvin Drive
4414Dave Alvin Drive
4418Dave Alvin Drive
4419Dave Alvin Drive
4422Dave Alvin Drive
4423Dave Alvin Drive
207Deerwood Glen Drive
208Deerwood Glen Drive
212Deerwood Glen Drive
220Deerwood Glen Drive
224Deerwood Glen Drive
301Deerwood Glen Drive
302Deerwood Glen Drive
305Deerwood Glen Drive
306Deerwood Glen Drive
405Deerwood Glen Drive
1802Dylan Lane
1805Dylan Lane
1806Dylan Lane
1810Dylan Lane
1813Dylan Lane
1818Dylan Lane
1821Dylan Lane
1822Dylan Lane
1901Dylan Lane
1902Dylan Lane
1909Dylan Lane
1910Dylan Lane
1913Dylan Lane
1914Dylan Lane
1917Dylan Lane
226E. 1st Street
438E. 8th Street
2206E. Lonesome Dove
2214E. Lonesome Dove
2222E. Lonesome Dove
2302E. Lonesome Dove
2306E. Lonesome Dove
2318E. Lonesome Dove
2201E. Pasadena Blvd.
1910E. Prairie Lane
2818E. Reata Drive
2900E. San Augustine Street
1300East Blvd. 
3602East Blvd. 
4317East Meadow Drive
4401East Meadow Drive
4406East Meadow Drive
4409East Meadow Drive
4413East Meadow Drive
4417East Meadow Drive
4501East Meadow Drive
4505East Meadow Drive
4506East Meadow Drive
4509East Meadow Drive
4510East Meadow Drive
4513East Meadow Drive
4518East Meadow Drive
4521East Meadow Drive
4522East Meadow Drive
4601East Meadow Drive
4602East Meadow Drive
4605East Meadow Drive
4606East Meadow Drive
4609East Meadow Drive
4613East Meadow Drive
4614East Meadow Drive
4617East Meadow Drive
4618East Meadow Drive
4621East Meadow Drive
4622East Meadow Drive
4701East Meadow Drive
4702East Meadow Drive
4705East Meadow Drive
4706East Meadow Drive
4709East Meadow Drive
4710East Meadow Drive
4713East Meadow Drive
4714East Meadow Drive
4717East Meadow Drive
4718East Meadow Drive
4721East Meadow Drive
4801East Meadow Drive
4805East Meadow Drive
4809East Meadow Drive
4810East Meadow Drive
4813East Meadow Drive
4817East Meadow Drive
4818East Meadow Drive
4821East Meadow Drive
4822East Meadow Drive
4901East Meadow Drive
4902East Meadow Drive
4906East Meadow Drive
4906East Meadow Drive
4909East Meadow Drive
4910East Meadow Drive
4910East Meadow Drive
4913East Meadow Drive
4914East Meadow Drive
4922East Meadow Drive
4922East Meadow Drive
5010East Meadow Drive
5014East Meadow Drive
5018East Meadow Drive
2417East X Street
2930East X Street
1017Elm Street
7434Evie Lane
4126Filmore Lane
200Georgia Avenue
202Georgia Avenue
204Georgia Avenue
1001Georgia Avenue
4305Glenwood Road
4113Grace Drive
4121Grace Drive
4202Grace Drive
4105Graceland Drive
4106Graceland Drive
4109Graceland Drive
4110Graceland Drive
4114Graceland Drive
4117Graceland Drive
4118Graceland Drive
4122Graceland Drive
4201Graceland Drive
4205Graceland Drive
4206Graceland Drive
4209Graceland Drive
4210Graceland Drive
4221Graceland Drive
4222Graceland Drive
4301Graceland Drive
4302Graceland Drive
4306Graceland Drive
4309Graceland Drive
4310Graceland Drive
4313Graceland Drive
4314Graceland Drive
4318Graceland Drive
4322Graceland Drive
4402Graceland Drive
4403Graceland Drive
4406Graceland Drive
4407Graceland Drive
4411Graceland Drive
4414Graceland Drive
4415Graceland Drive
4418Graceland Drive
4419Graceland Drive
4423Graceland Drive
210Helgra Street
4440Highway 225
4460Highway 225
1101Howard Avenue
1810Jasmine Circle
1814Jasmine Circle
1818Jasmine Circle
1901Jasmine Circle
1902Jasmine Circle
1906Jasmine Circle
1910Jasmine Circle
1914Jasmine Circle
1918Jasmine Circle
4302Juniper Lane
4309Juniper Lane
4310Juniper Lane
4313Juniper Lane
4314Juniper Lane
4317Juniper Lane
4321Juniper Lane
4322Juniper Lane
4401Juniper Lane
4402Juniper Lane
4406Juniper Lane
4409Juniper Lane
2225Kingsdale Drive
2434Kingsdale Drive
2209Kristina Way
2217Kristina Way
2221Kristina Way
2306Kristina Way
2606Las Cruces Circle
2609Las Cruces Circle
2610Las Cruces Circle
2614Las Cruces Circle
2701Las Cruces Circle
2410Leslie Lane
2414Leslie Lane
2418Leslie Lane
2506Leslie Lane
2510Leslie Lane
2514Leslie Lane
2205Lisa Lane
2209Lisa Lane
2210Lisa Lane
2213Lisa Lane
2214Lisa Lane
2217Lisa Lane
2218Lisa Lane
2221Lisa Lane
2222Lisa Lane
2301Lisa Lane
2302Lisa Lane
2305Lisa Lane
2306Lisa Lane
2613Los Alamos Circle
3005Luella Avenue
2513Magnolia Lane
2517Magnolia Lane
4402Meadow Way Drive
4405Meadow Way Drive
4406Meadow Way Drive
4410Meadow Way Drive
4413Meadow Way Drive
4414Meadow Way Drive
4418Meadow Way Drive
4422Meadow Way Drive
4505Meadow Way Drive
4506Meadow Way Drive
4509Meadow Way Drive
4510Meadow Way Drive
4514Meadow Way Drive
4517Meadow Way Drive
4518Meadow Way Drive
4521Meadow Way Drive
4522Meadow Way Drive
4601Meadow Way Drive
4602Meadow Way Drive
4605Meadow Way Drive
4606Meadow Way Drive
4609Meadow Way Drive
4610Meadow Way Drive
4613Meadow Way Drive
4614Meadow Way Drive
4617Meadow Way Drive
4618Meadow Way Drive
4621Meadow Way Drive
4622Meadow Way Drive
4701Meadow Way Drive
4702Meadow Way Drive
4705Meadow Way Drive
4706Meadow Way Drive
4709Meadow Way Drive
4710Meadow Way Drive
4713Meadow Way Drive
4714Meadow Way Drive
4717Meadow Way Drive
4718Meadow Way Drive
4722Meadow Way Drive
4802Meadow Way Drive
1402Meadowlark Street
1318Minchen Drive
4301N. Meadow Drive
4308N. Meadow Drive
2101Oklahoma Avenue
5813Page Street
3009Penny Lane
3801Penny Lane
3805Penny Lane
3809Penny Lane
3813Penny Lane
3901Penny Lane
3902Penny Lane
3905Penny Lane
3910Penny Lane
3913Penny Lane
3914Penny Lane
3917Penny Lane
4001Penny Lane
4005Penny Lane
4013Penny Lane
4017Penny Lane
4021Penny Lane
4909Penny Lane
2201Pickerton Drive
2114Plunkett Drive
3901Prine Lane
3902Prine Lane
3905Prine Lane
3909Prine Lane
3910Prine Lane
3913Prine Lane
3914Prine Lane
3918Prine Lane
4002Prine Lane
4912Railroad Avenue
5210Railroad Avenue
1801Rolling Stone Drive
1802Rolling Stone Drive
1805Rolling Stone Drive
1806Rolling Stone Drive
1809Rolling Stone Drive
1810Rolling Stone Drive
1813Rolling Stone Drive
1814Rolling Stone Drive
1817Rolling Stone Drive
1818Rolling Stone Drive
1821Rolling Stone Drive
1822Rolling Stone Drive
1901Rolling Stone Drive
1902Rolling Stone Drive
1905Rolling Stone Drive
1906Rolling Stone Drive
1909Rolling Stone Drive
1910Rolling Stone Drive
1913Rolling Stone Drive
1914Rolling Stone Drive
1917Rolling Stone Drive
1918Rolling Stone Drive
2606Ruidoso Circle
2609Ruidoso Circle
2709Ruidoso Circle
4730S. Meadow Drive
4806S. Meadow Drive
4810S. Meadow Drive
2709Santa Fe Trail
2602Santa Fe Trail
2610Santa Fe Trail
2613Santa Fe Trail
2614Santa Fe Trail
2806Santa Fe Trail
2810Santa Fe Trail
2401Savannah Bend
2402Savannah Bend
2405Savannah Bend
920Seaco Avenue
1116Seaco Avenue
806Seaco Court
2405Shiprock Drive
2513Shiprock Drive
2521Shiprock Drive
2502Solitude Lane
2506Solitude Lane
2510Solitude Lane
2514Solitude Lane
2518Solitude Lane
2602Solitude Lane
2606Solitude Lane
2610Solitude Lane
2614Solitude Lane
2706Solitude Lane
2006Southern Trail
2014Southern Trail
2018Southern Trail
9047Spencer Highway
302Sylvia Street
313Sylvia Street
7429Temperance Lane
2201Tracy Way
2202Tracy Way
2205Tracy Way
2206Tracy Way
2209Tracy Way
2214Tracy Way
2218Tracy Way
2221Tracy Way
2301Tracy Way
2302Tracy Way
2305Tracy Way
2306Tracy Way
3810Underwood Road
3902Underwood Road
3924Underwood Road
3670AUnderwood Road
500W. 13th Street
502W. 13th Street
601W. 13th Street
1620W. 13th Street
1718W. 13th Street
1721W. 13th Street
1800W. 13th Street
1001W. 8th Street
7402W. Lambuth Lane
2205W. Lonesome Dove
2209W. Lonesome Dove
2213W. Lonesome Dove
2217W. Lonesome Dove
2306W. Lonesome Dove
2310W. Lonesome Dove
2318W. Lonesome Dove
4410W. Pasadena Blvd. 
7404W. Temperance
1506Watson Drive
1810Whitebriar Drive
2218Wilshire Court
1705Woody Guthrie Court
1717Woody Guthrie Court
3901Woody Guthrie Court
3905Woody Guthrie Court
3906Woody Guthrie Court
3910Woody Guthrie Court
3913Woody Guthrie Court
3914Woody Guthrie Court
3918Woody Guthrie Court
4002Woody Guthrie Court
4005Woody Guthrie Court
1706Zepplin Circle
1710Zepplin Circle
1711Zepplin Circle
1713Zepplin Circle
1714Zepplin Circle
1717Zepplin Circle
1718Zepplin Circle